Easter Extinction

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Easter Extinction :

Easter ExtinctionCompletely satisfied Easter everyone!nThis is what happens when Easter try’s to steal Christmas’s thunder. The elf’s go on a killing spree!nAnimation by: Atomic-NoodlenProgramming by: 23450nComments:nAtomic-Noodle:nTHis game took pretty a while to make nevertheless end the highest I’m pretty pleased with it. Loads of the paintings was achieved over time so some animation is greatest than various the totally different stuff. Anyway, Take pleasure in :Dn23450: Largest game i’ve ever accomplished, though its not even that large. Tells you what variety of games i finish. : ( Anyway, get pleasure from!nP.J. You need a fairly good laptop in order to play.n Arrow keys to MovenControl to Change weaponnEnter to Pausen